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10 Issues Solely Comedian E-book Followers Know About Batman & The Joker’s Rivalry

There’s maybe no larger rivalry in comedian books than between Batman and the Joker. The 2 have been bitter enemies since Batman #1 in 1940, and their conflict has performed out all throughout the larger DC multiverse with horrifying penalties for quite a lot of characters in Gotham and past.

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The 2 characters fully outline the opposite, with Batman’s strict refusal to kill because the primary cause why the Joker persists as such a harmful antagonist. The Joker is nothing with out Batman, a determine of order and justice who he believes by some means nonetheless occupies the identical darkish that he does in any universe.


Up to date on March nineteenth, 2022 by Darby Harn: The Joker is rarely removed from Batman, as audiences found within the last moments of The Batman. A brand new incarnation of the character is teased, establishing future appearances in sequels to the film and probably spinoff streaming sequence ala The Penguin on HBO Max. The Joker is within the minds of many if not most comedian ebook followers the best Batman villain of all time, and their rivalry has taken many dramatic twists and turns within the many a long time since their iconic first confrontation. A few of their most bitter moments have come lately, maybe influencing how the subsequent chapter of their live-action story will progress. 

For A Lengthy Time, It Wasn’t A Rivalry

The Joker's Five Way Revenge

Although the Joker is taken into account Batman’s best villain and maybe the best villain in all of comics, their rivalry was all however suspended within the 60s. For 4 years between 1969 and 1973, the character did not seem in Batman comics in any respect. This adopted a interval via a lot of the 60s the place he appeared much less and fewer.

His place as one of the best villain in certainly one of the best Rogues Galleries in all of comedian books was re-established with Batman #251. “The Joker’s 5-Manner Revenge” featured the return of a extra sinister Joker, written by Denny O’Neill.

Clown Prince Of Darkness

A Joker car rushes at Batman and Robin DC Comics.

Like Batman, the Joker has teetered forwards and backwards between durations of scary and foolish. Followers might not know that very early on, the rivalry between Batman and the Joker was very harmful. The Clown Prince of Crime routinely killed individuals, both by taking pictures them or infecting them along with his Joker Venom, a forerunner of the toxin he’d use in later incarnations.

In the course of the course of his early appearances within the comics, he derailed a prepare with dozens of individuals on it and made repeated makes an attempt to kill each Batman and Robin that would not appear misplaced to trendy readers.

Dying Of The Joker

The Joker is stabbed in Batman comics.

There are lots of nice origin tales of the Joker in DC Comics, however his first subject was virtually his final. Within the second story he seems in Batman #1 from 1940, the Joker is stabbed and seems to die on panel. That was really meant to be the top of the character.

The character was salvaged by the editor of the sequence on the time, Whitney Ellsworth, who felt that the character had potential. Ellsworth’s prescient determination allowed an immediately iconic character to go on to develop into one of the vital widespread characters in widespread tradition.

The Man Behind The Pink Hood

The Joker in The Man Behind the Red Hood Cover

A part of the explanation the rivalry is so poisonous is that it started actually in a vat of poisonous chemical compounds. No less than, it may need. One of many myriad origin tales of the Joker entails Batman shoving or letting the Joker fall into these chemical compounds. The primary model of this story appeared in Detective Comics #168.

On the time, the Joker is a typical prison in Gotham known as the Pink Hood. Variations of this story would reappear in later iterations of DC Comics canon, together with varied TV reveals and flicks, however the Joker’s true origin stays a thriller to at the present time.

The Joker Kills Batman (And Brings Him Again)

Emperor Joker kills Batman

One of many occasions the Joker proved he was an absolute monster was when he killed Batman. This grisly finish took place when the Joker turned Emperor Joker by buying the cosmic energy of Mister Mxyzptlk.

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The Joker capitalizes on their rivalry by not simply killing Batman as soon as, however as soon as each day for a really very long time and within the worst methods conceivable. Batman is barely saved by Superman, however the trauma of his expertise is so nice that Batman cannot take care of it. The Spectre transfers his anguish to Superman, who shoulders it for his good friend and colleague.

Batman Saves The Joker

Nightwing Kills the Joker in Last Laugh #6

Followers may anticipate Batman to be okay with any hurt befalling the Joker after his expertise, however he really saves the Joker from dying by the hands of Nightwing. When Dick Grayson beats the Joker to demise after mistakenly considering that Tim Drake had been killed by the supervillain, Batman resuscitates him.

The Joker: Final Giggle mini-series takes an surprising flip when Batman performs CPR on his enemy to ensure Dick Grayson would not go down as a assassin. It would not be the one time that Batman would maintain Joker alive.

Dying of Jason Todd

The Joker’s rivalry with Batman has resulted in devastating penalties for each. One of the crucial consequential moments of their rivalry occurred in “A Dying of the Household,” certainly one of one of the best Batman comics of the Nineteen Eighties the place Joker kills Jason Todd.

His homicide of the second Robin was unimaginable in comedian books earlier than this era and would solid an extended darkish shadow over Batman and all of his adventures into the current day, endlessly altering his method to relationships with associates and allies.

Below The Hood

Jason Todd in the DC comics

Jason Todd’s brutal homicide by the hands of the Joker is likely one of the most stunning deaths in DC Comics historical past. It will make sense {that a} revived Todd would gun for the Joker, however he most likely did not anticipate Batman to face his method.

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Jason Todd takes on the Pink Hood persona as soon as related to the Joker to pressure Batman right into a scenario the place he has to kill the Joker, however regardless of all of the horrible issues which have transpired of their rivalry, Batman refuses to interrupt his code. He is aware of if he did kill the Joker, it would not finish there.

The Killing Joke

The Joker in the moment he loses his sanity in The Killing Joke

The Joker has been a monster from the very starting of his comedian ebook profession, however one of the vital monstrous occasions in his rivalry with Batman happens in The Killing Joke. On this late 80s graphic novel, the Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara Gordon.

This story, written by legendary comedian ebook author Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland, has had an incredible affect on the comics and the films, and Barbara most of all. Barbara Gordon would stay paralyzed for many years and develop into the hacker Oracle.

The White Knight

A cured Joker stands behind Batman.

There are infinite variations of Batman and the Joker all through the DC Comics multiverse, and their rivalry typically takes on unusual dimensions. One of many strangest is in The White Knight storyline, the place an encounter between the 2 enemies ends with the Joker turning a brand new leaf after Batman forces him to take stolen drugs.

Their dynamic is turned the other way up when this reformed Joker finally ends up aligning with the Gotham Metropolis Police Division to type an anti-terrorism unit devoted to stopping vigilantes like Batman.


Batman Joker Flashpoint romance Martha Wayne Thomas

The multiverse additionally provides followers the rivalry’s most unusual depiction. Within the alternate actuality of the Flashpoint comedian ebook occasion, Batman and Joker are husband and spouse. It’s because the 2 are literally Thomas and Martha Wayne, the mother and father of Bruce Wayne, who on this story was killed by Joe Chill.

The demise of her son drives Martha Wayne into insanity and Thomas Wayne on a quest to avenge Bruce. Issues finish tragically when the Martha Joker dies by suicide after discovering that the right timeline has her son develop into Batman and the best enemy of the Joker.


Joker emerging from the fire on an unsuspecting Gordon in Endgame

In The Darkish Knight, certainly one of if not one of the best Batman film ever, the Joker tells Batman ‘we’ll be doing this for a very long time.’ Which may be extra true than anybody is aware of within the comics. Within the storyline “Endgame,” it appears that evidently the Joker has really been alive for a very long time.

Worse than that, it appears that evidently he might be immortal. Although it is by no means confirmed, this concept would clarify the Joker’s limitless escapes from demise (together with his authentic obvious demise in Batman #1 from 1940) in addition to his many substantial accidents, like having his face lower off.

The Joker’s Actual Identify

Mobius Chair Batman 3 Jokers

Regardless of a long time of being bitter enemies who know one another maybe higher than anybody else, Batman would not know Joker’s true title. No less than he did not till he sat within the Mobius Chair in “The Darkseid Warfare” comedian ebook storyline and discovered the Joker’s true title.

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The title is withheld from the reader, however it stuns Batman. Regardless of the story showing in 2015, the title nonetheless hasn’t been revealed and is unlikely to, as it would dispel the mystique of the character. It does counsel that Joker is far nearer to Batman or Bruce Wayne maybe than he had realized.

The Fact Is Confused

The three different Jokers in the Three Jokers miniseries

In the identical method that the Joker performs with the reality of his origin, it is potential Batman is doing the identical factor with their rivalry. In The Three Jokers mini-series type 2020, Bruce Wayne reveals that he had recognized Joker’s true id from every week after he had first encountered him.

That is in direct battle with what’s offered within the Mobius Chair incident in addition to established canon all through DC Comics historical past, the place Batman would not know the reality. It might be the unsure nature of DC canon, or it might be that Batman’s imaginative and prescient of their rivalry is as fluid because the Joker’s.

No Man’s Land

Batman No Man's Land Harley Quinn and The Joker

A serious comedian ebook storyline prone to have some bearing on the way forward for The Batman sequels is No Man’s Land. Gotham is flooded on the finish of the film, and within the comedian ebook storyline, a large earthquake strikes town which the Joker exploits.

His rivalry with Batman goes to new heights when Joker takes management of a portion of the beleaguered metropolis. Jokerville turns into his private kingdom. His unchecked energy ends in a number of the most egregious and consequential moments in his lengthy conflict with Batman.

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