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Bananas Methods Followers Are Beating ‘Darkish Souls,’ ‘Sekiro,’ And ‘Elden Ring’

And gamers are already clowning onerous not simply on Elden Ring’s bosses, however on the sport’s gravity, even. Speedrunner legend Distortion2 teaches that there is no purpose to threat our lives going by way of a whole bunch of enemies once we can simply soar to a probable demise,

Bandai Namco, Distortion2

 flip right into a half-dragon, 

Phase 2: staying in the air via abusing dragon transformation

Bandai Namco, Distortion2

Admit it, you thought that was a joke.

go full Godzilla Vs. King Bridge,

staying in the air via dragon-beam propulsion

Bandai Namco, Distortion2

then use our swords to fly to security

finishing off via a flurry of attacks that slows down the fall and propels the character forward

Bandai Namco, Distortion2

whoa, they’re similar to elden primordial helicopter blades.

That is the hysterical peak of Elden Ring efficiency only a few weeks into the sport’s launch. 

Bandai Namco, Distortion2

The scientists of Elden Ring imagine they’re going to quickly unlock the complete energy of teleportation.

There have been so many developments in Darkish Souls expertise currently that gamers have gone from simply killing some bosses with poop, to beating all the recreation by simply throwing poop in any respect enemies. Sure, poop runs can now be a factor.



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