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Puppetry Worldwide such as you’ve by no means seen it earlier than! — UNIMA-USA

Most of the nice puppet museums around the globe truly started as non-public collections, usually as an outgrowth of a single puppeteer or small puppet troupe. Increasingly more, although we discover puppeteers arriving on the age of retirement considering: What’s going to grow to be of my puppets? Is there a museum that can protect them for posterity? In fact, not all puppeteers assume this manner, and now we have an article on Michael Sommers, director of the Minneapolis theater “Open Eye” deciding to heap his puppets on a bonfire reasonably than have them grasp on a museum wall someplace, other than the performances for which they have been made.

The Puppetry Journal will focus extra on puppet assortment in the US, however I’ll let its editor Steve Abrams say just a few phrases about that.

 It seems like a very productive puppet pleasure to coordinate on the subject of collections. Greater than 60 museums in the US have just a few, or many puppet of their collections. Working puppet theatres and personal collectors have 1000’s of puppets. Puppetry Journal can solely cowl a handful in a single challenge. Eight of the various Smithsonian museums have puppets! Increasingly more museums are posting digital images of their puppets, objects regularly packed away in storage. A web based view gives a splendid alternative to survey a group. We hope to assist readers discover some hidden treasures.

Andrew Periale for Puppetry Worldwide
Steve Abrams for the Puppetry Journal



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