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Star Trek: 15 Unintentionally Hilarious Moments

Within the TNG episode, “Sub Rosa”, Bev describes a really sensual encounter with a “presence” that “knew precisely how she preferred to be touched.”

“The sensations have been very actual… and intensely arousing.” Troi could be very engaged (and envious), however then the would-be attractive scene climaxes with Bev admitting, “I did go to sleep studying a very erotic chapter in my grandmother’s journal.”

My hen sandwich and occasional.

Desilu Productions & Paramount Tv

Get these motherf*ckin’ Furbies off this motherf*ckin’ ship!

In season 2, episode 15 of the unique sequence, cute little fury animals known as the Tribbles have multiplied all around the ship.

When Kirk finds some in his hen sandwich and occasional, he’s had sufficient, and declares, “I would like this stuff off the ship, I don’t care if it takes each man we’ve obtained.”

The refined frustration is so humorous.

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High Picture: Desilu Productions & Paramount Tv



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