Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 3 Evaluate: Assimilation

When TV Fanatic spoke with showrunner Akiva Goldsman, he commented that Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 3 is when the motion actually lands and the season begins to take off.

By all appearances, he was not over-selling the occasion.

We watch Jurati and the Borg queen having a weirdly intimate dance of consciousnesses on the crashed ship, whereas Seven and Raffi discover 2024 and Rios will get himself arrested.

Escaping the Confederation forces led by the First Husband is about as thrilling a struggle scene as we have seen within the sequence, contemplating Elnor and his sword are out of fee.

It isn’t misplaced on me that Raffi will get to disintegrate Seven’s husband. Appears extraordinarily becoming.

Grief makes monsters of everybody, and Raffi isn’t any exception.

Contemplating Seven featured in a really comparable situation on Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 5 the place she not solely witnessed Icheb’s brutalized physique, she needed to put him out of his struggling herself, Raffi appears unaware of how Elnor’s loss of life impacts others.

In typical Raffi trend, she instantly fixates on an answer. Discover the Watcher, repair time, save Elnor.

Nobody’s going to inform her in any other case. Even Jurati cannot say whether or not or not it will work.

My solely thought because the three head out on their away mission is that they are all fairly over-dressed for the warmth of Los Angeles.

Their arrival in 2024 is about as pleasant a fish-out-of-water situation as we may have anticipated.

Nicely, perhaps not for Rios.

Does anybody else suspect that Jurati purposely transported him into midair, the place she was in a position to pop the others onto stable floor?

It bothers me to no small extent that Jurati’s character is supposed to be seen as each good and extremely petty. (Additionally totally able to homicide in case you’d forgotten how Bruce Maddox met his finish.)

Borg queen: What you will have simply carried out right here is harder and vastly extra harmful than you notice.
Jurati: And what’s that?
Borg queen: You have impressed me.

So when the Borg queen will get all intense and intrigued together with her pickpocketing the coordinates of The Watcher whereas their consciousnesses had been doing the tango, my Spidey-senses are tingling.

There are a LOT of theories on the market in regards to the masked Borg queen from Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 1. I do know the place I am laying my cash—simply saying.

It comes all the way down to names.

The Borg queen on the premiere addresses him as “Picard.” The Borg queen right here addresses him as “Locutus.”

For many who insist on arguing the premiere queen is by some means his mom (actually, severely?), I would level out that she would have addressed him as “Jean-Luc.”

Picard: Agnes, are you able to hear me?
Jurati: Picard. So many heat emotions. Admiration, respect. Generally I need to disobey you only for spite, however that is trigger I want you had been my dad.
Picard: I see we’re diving into the deep finish.

I’ve made utterly improper predictions earlier than, however I am fairly positive I’ve bought it proper right here.

They’ve begun to foreshadow a complication with the mission in that Seven is turning into increasingly comfy with life as a never-assimilated human.

I imply, I am positive she does not need to be the president of a fascist, xenophobic Confederation in 2401, however maybe she’ll attempt to keep in 2024?

Seven: Strangers do not normally like me.
Raffi: You and 2024 ought to get a room.

In the meantime, Raffi’s fixation on fixing the time fissure does not blind her to the injustices of 2024.

You already know, I’ve by no means been in a position to perceive how a society may exist with so many contradictions and never collapse earlier than it did.


The net fandom has been fast to notice that 2024 is similar 12 months Sisko, Bashir, and Dax took half within the Bell Riots in San Francisco on Star Trek: Deep Area 9 Season 3 Episodes 11 and 12.

Whether or not or not there will likely be a cross-over, the Sanctuary Districts (the place homeless individuals had been detained) are marked out in Los Angeles. Raffi and Seven move an indication as they head for the tower.

Within the Wake-Up World of Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 2, a “Basic Sisko” was additionally talked about. Is it simply fan service, or will this season delve into different Star Trek: Deep Area 9 references?

Rios’s journey is essentially the most immersive in 2024 life as he experiences the deprivation the poor and undocumented dwell with when he is dropped at Dr. Theresa’s free clinic.

Dr. Theresa is a superb character to convey onboard early. She’s clever, courageous, and humorous, besides. She’ll make a superb ally, though I would be cautious of getting her present up on Jurati’s radar.

The Season 2 trailer confirmed Seven breaking Rios out of a jail transport bus. I will assume that occurs quickly, in all probability after they observe down his com badge and perhaps after they meet Theresa’s son, who’s additionally a whole lot of enjoyable.

It is a tall order each time our heroes are referred to as upon to repair time.

As Jurati factors out, their presence there’s already a disruption to time. The hope is they’ll discover The Watcher and clear up the first fissure with out inflicting extra.

So, to be clear, wake a queen that would kill us all, beam from a ship with no energy, and discover a Watcher who might or might not exist.


With the Borg queen in play, and Jurati extremely drawn to her presence, issues onboard La Sirena may get simply as messy as issues in Los Angeles.

By the best way, does anybody have a good suggestion the place Picard targets their crash? He says he is taking them “dwelling,” and the one idea I’ve is that it is the desert the place Raffi lives in her trailer sooner or later.

My different query pertains to Q’s transient look at Picard’s facet simply earlier than they journey again in time.

As on the Chateau Picard within the Wake-Up World, nobody else sees Q.

I solely keep in mind him being invisible to others on Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology Season 6 Episode 15, “Tapestry,” when he torments Picard in his alternate previous.

Curioser and curioser. Is it attainable that Q is just a figment of Picard’s thoughts on this journey? A manifestation of blame and remorse?

It is-fetched, I do know, however I would like to grasp why others do not see him. Why do you suppose that’s?

Whereas we’re postulating the chances, nevertheless slight, who’s The Watcher?

How will they return to the long run? And whereas we’re on that subject, how cool is it that Lea Thompson (yeah, Again the Future Lea Thompson) directs this episode?

Let’s examine your finest theories in our feedback, Fanatics! Make it so!

Diana Keng is a workers author for TV Fanatic. Comply with her on Twitter.

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