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You are well-known. However who the hell are you?

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I awakened in a Soho doorway
A policeman knew my title
He mentioned, ‘You may go sleep at residence tonight,
Should you can stand up and stroll away’

No wait, that wasn’t me. These are the lyrics Pete Townshend wrote for The Who track Who Are You? If Wikipedia is correct, and I wish to assume it’s, Townshend wrote these lyrics after a bender with two members of The Intercourse Pistols.

In keeping with the story, Townshend did really get up in a Soho doorway, after a bender. And a policeman, who actually did know his title, promised the musician he’d let him go, if he might stand up and stroll away.

However the a part of the refrain that goes, Oh, who the fuck are you? (Who’re you? Who, who, who, who?) wasn’t about Townshend being so drunk that he had forgotten his identification. The road was really a reference to an obnoxious file govt named Allen Klein. Townshend would later describe Klein because the “superior rock leech-godfather” (ARLG). Evidently, ARLG, who was identified for being a complete prick, performed hardball whereas negotiating with Townshend and mentioned one thing alongside the strains of, “Who the fuck are you?”

After all, Townshend is a rock legend, ARLG was a lesser-known asshole, and I’m however the humble author of State of affairs Regular, the web’s 57th hottest humor e-newsletter. I’m neither well-known, nor notorious. As one other rock legend as soon as sang, I’m simply an extraordinary, common man.

Besides, typically folks actually do assume I’m well-known. As soon as, on the Submit Workplace, a Deadhead who was stoned out of his gourd thought I used to be Jerry Garcia. Despite the fact that Jerry had been lifeless for many years, the person insisted I “do one thing about Phish,” earlier than asking for Jerry’s autograph.

Every time I go to the Sherman Oaks Mendocino Farms, a cashier there swears I appear to be “Lebanese Einstein.” It needs to be famous, nevertheless, that I’m not Lebanese, and neither was Einstein. Additionally, I’m fairly positive the cashier was much more stoned than the Deadhead on the Submit Workplace.

On the 2016 Presidential Debates in Las Vegas, a pair of Trump supporters insisted that was me Abbie Hoffman. After all, Hoffman died within the late ‘80s, a number of years earlier than Jerry Garcia joined the ranks of the particular, versus grateful, lifeless. I think the Trumpers referred to as me Abbie Hoffman as a result of saying one thing like, “take a look at the left-wing Jew” may’ve come throughout as too aggressive pre-Charlottesville. Or, perhaps the Trumpers have been additionally simply stoned.

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The factor is, the Deadhead autograph hound, the stoned Mendocino Farms cashier, and the Trumpers are all amateurs. It’s not their job to acknowledge celebrities, and even preserve sobriety. They’re simply extraordinary, common individuals who occur to have run into an extraordinary, common man and mistaken mentioned man for somebody well-known.

However a paparazzo is a unique story, and because it seems, I’ve a paparazzo story. Right here’s what I wrote on Fb about my run-in with a paparazzo again in 2017.

I’m not a celeb, however the man who jams his digicam in my face to snap some unflattering pictures of me consuming a slice of pizza sees it in a different way.

“Excuse me. Why did you simply take my photograph?”

“I’m a paparazzo! I work for Entry Hollywood.”

“Good for you, however that doesn’t reply my query. Why did you’re taking my photograph?”

“I’m a paparazzo,” he says once more, as if his job is the one clarification required.

“So that you don’t ask for permission?”

He shrugs.

“It’s impolite to not ask,” I say. “I actually don’t respect you taking my photograph, and I’d such as you to delete it.”

“You’re being impolite with this angle. I shot Howie Mandel. I’m blessed.”

“Howie Mandel?! What’s he received to do with this?”

“Howie Mandel is much more well-known than you,” the paparazzo says. “He was so cool, and also you’re an asshole. However I received you stuffing pizza into your fats face, so there.”

“I’m fairly positive you’re the asshole right here.”

“No, I’m blessed. I’m a well-known paparazzo.”

“Paparazzi aren’t well-known,” I say. “They’re notorious.”

“No. I’m a well-known paparazzo.”

“What’s your title?”

“Tony Moss.”

“By no means heard of you. However inform me one thing, Tony, who the fuck do you assume I’m?”

“Are you kidding? You’re the man from Jurassic Park.”

“Jeff Goldblum?”

“No. The fats man who was on Seinfeld.”

I burst out laughing.

“What’s so humorous?” the paparazzo asks.

“What’s humorous is how a lot you suck at your job.”

I’ve run into the identical paparazzo a half-dozen instances since our first encounter. The exchanges are all the time tense. The paparazzo refuses to say who he thinks I’m, however he’s beneficiant with the insults. I do know he’s simply attempting to get beneath my pores and skin in order that I’ll freak out, and he can get a kind of superstar freak out pictures which might be tabloid gold. It’s an ideal plan, one which’s labored on Sean “Punch a Paparazzo” Penn many, many instances. Besides, and I can’t stress this sufficient, I’m not well-known.

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Or, perhaps I’m unsuitable about that. Perhaps I’m well-known, and I simply don’t see it. Melissa, who luggage groceries at our native market, is satisfied that I’m a well-known actor.

“I’ve seen you in right here earlier than,” Melissa mentioned the opposite day. “I all the time maintain that means to ask what present I’ve seen you on.”

“It’s true,” the cashier mentioned. “Each time you are available in, she’s all the time like, that man is known.”

“Do the opposite individuals who work right here assume I’m well-known?” I requested the cashier.

“I don’t assume so. However Melissa is kinda obsessive about you.”

I take a look at Melissa. She smiles and nods enthusiastically. In contrast to the paparazzo, Melissa looks as if the type of one who doesn’t say imply issues simply to fuck with folks. And in contrast to the Deadhead autograph hound, the stoned Mendocino Farms cashier, and the Trumpers, Melissa additionally appears sober.

“Critically, what present have I seen you on?” Melissa requested.

“I dunno… perhaps Grocery store Sweep.”

“You’re being humorous,” Melissa mentioned. “He’s humorous, most likely a comic, am I proper? You have been on Neighborhood, weren’t you?”

“No. However I’m a member of the group.”

“I maintain telling you,” the cashier groaned, “he’s not well-known.”

“Take a look at him,” Melissa insisted, “he’s gotta be well-known.”

The cashier checked out me. She didn’t see it, and I didn’t wish to get into my earlier brushes with fame, not right here within the checkout line. In addition to, I used to be apprehensive Melissa may get confused and assume I used to be the actor who performed Jerry Garcia, Abbie Hoffman, or Lebanese Einstein, regardless that no such actor exists.

“He all the time seems super-casual, like he simply rolled away from bed,” Melissa continued.

“There’s a proof for that,” I mentioned. “I really did simply roll away from bed, and I all the time fly casually.”

“So what if he wears a hoodie and athletic shorts to buy groceries?” the cashier requested.

“That’s how celebrities gown once they’re doing regular stuff,” Melissa insisted. “It’s how they take a break from placing on make-up for the digicam, or dressing to the nines. It’s extra snug to decorate like an actual particular person. That’s why everytime you see tabloid pictures of celebs doing regular stuff like getting espresso or strolling their canine, they’re simply carrying regular stuff, like sweatpants and t-shirts.”

“Sorry to inform you this, Melissa, however I’m not well-known. I’m a no one.”

“Nicely, who’re you?”

There it was. The Pete Townshend query. It all the time comes again to the Pete Townshend query, doesn’t it?

Nicely, who’re you? (Who’re you? Who, who, who, who?)
Oh, who’re you? (Who’re you? Who, who, who, who?)
Come on inform me who’re you? (Who’re you? Who, who, who, who?)
Oh, who the fuck are you? (Who’re you? Who, who, who, who?)

“I’m Michael Estrin,” I instructed Melissa. “I’m a author. It’s possible you’ll know me from such mediums because the web.”


Melissa sounded disillusioned. However I didn’t wish to bum her out, and perhaps that’s why I selected to finish this “superstar” encounter on a hopeful observe.

“However I’ll inform you one thing, Melissa, your query is an efficient one.”

“It’s?” the cashier requested.

“Completely,” I mentioned. “The reality is, I’ve typically questioned simply who I’m.”

“Actually?” Melissa requested.

“Sure! The query comes up lots, greater than I’d care to confess, really.”

“It does?”

“Oh sure. It got here up on the Submit Workplace. It comes up typically at my favourite restaurant. Heck, one time I needed to ask who I used to be and all I used to be doing was attempting to eat a slice of pizza in peace. Belief me, this query comes up lots, Melissa. So, do me a favor.”


“If you determine who I’m, please let me know.”

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Meantime, I’m sharing a portrait of the author as a younger(er) man.

My pal Sam Comen took this photograph of me in 2018ish. Simply FYI, typically I develop my hair and beard out to “epic” lengths. Please go away a remark & inform me if I remind you of any celebrities. Good AND dangerous solutions inspired!

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